Ancient Block

I love sliding game puzzles — like the old rush hour game where you had little plastic cars on a gameboard that you set up according to the image on the puzzle card. And then you moved the cars around till the red one could slip out of the one exit on the board. I miss the whole tactic thing of setting up the cars, but I still like the puzzle idea. There are lots of them available and many have hundreds of levels.  Everyone iPad gamer should have one of these, they are just good for you.  Two things about Ancient Block make it a worthy contender — one is the interface is very smooth. The whole “blocks-on-a-lawn” theme is peaceful. And the other is that you can jump in at different levels of difficulty very easily. It also tells you the minimum number of moves to solve the level, which is also a nice additional challenge.

Survival score: A worthy variant of a must-have game. Still have a few hundred levels to go.


Developer: Jose Varela


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