Ballistic SE

The descriptions available on appshopper for this game are spot on:  “intense” “thriller” “thumping” “overdrive”.  Sounds like a high blood pressure cocktail and indeed it is. You’re a little circle flying around in a bounded universe where other little circles come in and try to destroy you, and you have to destroy them first with any number of very cool special offensive upgrades. I liked this game the first time I played it–indeed, I felt the surge of intense thrilling thumping overdrive.  I put it down for a few months, and when I came back to it, it wasn’t so much that any more. More like frantic and hopeless.  Was it just that I was a little older? A little wiser? A little less willing to get bruises on my thumbs from the duel stick controllers?  Maybe so.

Survival Score: Good for a couple hours of stress-on-a-stick

Developer: Radiangames


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