I didn’t think I was going to like this game.  It’s one of those maze games where you have to go through every box once-and-only-once. Well, I was wrong. The game has just the right learning curve, and chunks the levels so that can sit and do a dozen levels or so and then take a break and not worry that I’ll completely lose what skill I’ve gained. The interface is simple, responsive, and very fast.  In higher levels, you deal with blocks that have different abilities — like the first one is a block that explodes if a line runs into it. There are 15 chunks.  (About a dozen levels in each chunk with a “boss level at the end of each chunk,” which is just 3 puzzles you have to solve in a row with a time limit. I think it’s funny to call it a “boss.”).  I’ve played 7.  I may or may not play the rest.  I like it, but I don’t feel compelled to complete it. That would feel too much like work.

Survival score: Didn’t delete it right away! Over a dozen sessions, 5-15 min per session.

Developer: Maton Games.


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