Blind World

Blind World is like those “invisible picture” coloring books that we used to get as a treat as a kid.  The ones that you “colored” using a paintbrush dipped in water and a picture would magically appear. In this game, you are a small disc that glides across the screen.  You move around by tilting the ipad (or stay still by holding the ipad level).  When you start each level, it is just the disk and a blank screen, but as you move around, you bump into surfaces.  You roll your disc along the surface to reveal more of it.  Some of those surfaces are stationary, some move around as you do. The surfaces are made up of lots and lots of many colored blotches, and as your disc moves over them, it changes color too. And each time the color changes, the game makes a little “ping” sound, like wind chimes. The “objective” is to uncover 100% of the hidden image, though you are allowed to move to the next level before that.  More of a game than an experience, very relaxing.

Survival Score: Savored it to make it last.
Developer: Dmitriy Kuzmenko (Dgut)


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