Find the Way

One of the things I love to see is when a game turns a traditional genre upside down.  Find the Way is an example of a game that turns the “maze” genre upside down.  I used to love paper and pencil mazes…the really complex ones I would even solve using a toothpick so that I could re-solve them.  So, imagine that all you could see is the toothpick, not the maze itself.  And you still had to find your way out. In a limited amount of time.  That’s the gameplay of Find the Way.  The interface of the game is pleasant – good colors, easy navigation, etc.  But if you don’t escape by when your time is up, you go back to the beginning.  So, to escape you basically memorize the correct twists and turns that makes up the path to the exit.  Sure, you can pick up “extra time” bonuses along the way, but you basically have to go down a deadend to find them.  Which means you have to remember the way out AND the way to the bonuses.  In the end, this is a game of memorization.  Not very interesting to me. But, it’s been popular on iTunes, so maybe you want to check it out anyway.

Survival Score: Deleted before completing the 2nd level

Developer: Anthony Najjar


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