Tri It! Triangle Puzzle

The game play for Tri It is simple and pretty ingenious.  The game board is a shape divided into a bunch of triangles of the same shape.  Equilateral perhaps? The game piece is 1 or 2 triangles positioned somewhere on that board.  The easier puzzles start with one triangle – Your objective is to move the triangle to another place on the board by “flipping” it along one of its sides.  You keep doing this until the triangle ends up at the goal.  This is interesting because the movement isn’t intuitive…you can’t just follow a straight line.  Additional challenge is introduced by having barriers between certain places on the board, more than one triangle (all of which are affected by each swipe), having “transporter” places, different colored triangles, or having “enemy” triangles that you have to move out of the way (in the same manner). If you like this type of game, I think it’s pretty innovative and worth a look.

Survival Score: A couple dozen levels before it was too difficult for me

Developer: Play Sculpture


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