Gravity Hook HD

gravityhookThe game is easier to play than describe, but I’ll try.  You’re a little person in a space suit, and you have a grappling hook. There are a bunch of orbs in the air above you. Touch one of them and the hook will grab it and pull you up.  But you have to be strategic because there is only so much power in your hook.  The farther away the orb, the less power you have to get pulled up.  And there is gravity, so as soon as you can, you need to move to a different, higher orb, or else you’ll fall and lose. The orbs have different properties too — sometimes, they blow up after 3 seconds (blowing you up too if you are near), sometimes they fall immediately, and so on. Turns out I’m not very good at it…

Survival score: A few games

Developer:Semi Secret Software, LLC


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