Supersonic HD

supersonicIf you like those roller coasters where you flip around in 360 degree corkscrews, you’ll like this game.  You’re in pretty small tunnel in a first-person view, and the game speeds you along through the tunnel as it winds and twists  You have to collect diamonds and avoid mines. When you hit one of the barrier-type structures that appear periodically, it’s game over. You move left and right by tilting the iPad , and since it’s a tunnel and there is no gravity, there is a lot of flipping upside down.  The first person view means that you never experience the upside down-ness. The tunnel seems to rotate instead. The developers say the game has great music, but I play with the sound off—too hectic for me as it is!

Survival score:  A few games.

Developer: Kuuasema


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