Cursed Treasure HD

cursed_treasureCursed Treasure is a pretty standard tower defense game with enough interesting elements that I actually played all of the levels (about 25 of them) and thought seriously about going back and getting “gold” ratings on all of them.  Some people find tower defense games tremendously boring.  But I think of it sort of like dynamic chess.  I set up my board, invite in the waves of marauders, and modify my defenses in real time to both anticipate their strengths and (hopefully) demolish them. The theme is a gridded open countryside. Each square is either grass, snow, or rock.  Or a “special” square.  There are three towers corresponding to the three different types of squares, and the square and the tower must match.  Any tower can be built on the special squares.  The bad guys are pretty ordinary tower defense stuff — some are stronger, some can disappear, some are faster, etc. What is cool about Cursed Treasure is that there are dozens of different upgrades.  You “purchase” them with skill points, which you earn by playing (not necessarily by winning). And each of the upgrades has anywhere from 2-5 levels, so the upgrading goes on and on and on…  For me, it provides a little thrill of power to see my towers go into frenzy shooting 20% faster than before! and so forth.

Survival Score:  Hours.  Had to stop myself from attempting a perfect score.

Developer: Ninja Kiwi


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