Crossword Light and Crux Crosswords

cruxcrossword crosswordlightI am not a serious crossword puzzler. But I really like the ones that hit at the sweet spot of being challenging without being exasperating. And a bonus when they have interesting words that people might actually use (granted, provided they have large vocabularies). There are dozens of crossword apps out there, but many are for serious crossworders, or those who want to download puzzles from their favorite publications (like the NYT).  Because I don’t need that, Crossword Light and Crux are great. Each comes with a healthy number of puzzles (a few dozen each), divided into different levels of difficulty.  The easy ones are not too easy, and the hard ones are not too hard.  Everything within my range.  Each has an option to “check” or to “reveal” either a cell or a clue or the whole puzzle.  If you “check” (which I do a few times a puzzle) then every wrong letter is marked with a red tick in the corner. I like that.  I like Crossword Light’s puzzles a bit more, and Crux’s interface a bit more (e.g., it removes items from the clue list if you filled in the word). But I definitely recommend either one. Crossword Light is free, Crux Crosswords I picked up on sale for a buck. If you buy the paid version of Crossword Light, you can download puzzles from different publications.

Survival Score: Permanent place

Developer:  Rumination Software (Crux Crosswords) and Stand Alone, Inc (Crossword Light)


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