topple_excFrom the name, you’d think this was a stacking game, right?  It’s not. Definitely not the right name.  In fact, there is another game on the store called Topple (no exclamation mark) that is all about stacking.  So be sure to get the one with the !.  This is is the iPad-ified version of those puzzles where you have to figure out a fairly long quote or a saying.  You get the blanks where the letters go, and the blanks line up like columns.  At the bottom of each column are the letters that go into the column, but mixed up, so you have to figure out which letter goes into which blank. What I like about these is that each puzzle isn’t necessarily all that hard, but the game comes with hundreds of quotes in subjects (starting Jokes, Quips, Proverbs and Wise Words), and additional packs are a buck for about 50 puzzles. The game play is very smooth and the interface is simple and uncluttered. It has a left handed setting (a nice touch for lefties like me) and–like the best examples in the pencil-and-paper world–the quotes are sometimes witty or clever.

Survival Score: Permanent place

Develop: Sean O’Conn0r


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