Towers Infinite

towersinfiniteAnd thus begins a set of posts about pencil-and-paper games that have been iPad-ified.  In Towers Infinite, you get a grid (4×4 for easy, and 6×6 for very hard).  Along the edges of the grid are numbers.  The numbers tell you how many towers are “visible” from that position if you look down the column or across the row.  On the easier levels, some of the boxes will already be filled in.  So, it’s completely a puzzle, specifically a logic puzzle.  Love it.  There are several of these on the store, what I like about this one is the many levels of difficulty, and how you can get a hint or check an answer. And, like on the better sudoku games, you have an option of entering multiple numbers in a box until you decide which one is correct.

Survival score: permanent place

Developer: Ludovic Landry

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