Train Defense

traindefenseThis game is sort of like a tower defense game except you don’t have towers, you have a train engine with one car, and you use your finger to lay down tracks to travel along. If you run out of track, you just sit still until you make more tracks. So, the game board has passengers to pick up on the left of the screen, and you drop them off on the right.  Plus, a big ol’ water tower in the middle you need to go around.  Simple enough.   Yes, but then bad, bad vehicles start moving in, to steal your water or to shoot you.  Did I mention that your train car has a turret on top?  Luckily, you don’t have to aim, you just have to get close enough and it shoots on its own.  You have a certain amount of life points. Once those are gone, the game is over. When you deliver passengers, you get “money,” which you can use to upgrade your weapons and add train cars, and so forth. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to get them attached.  I think that’s just because I haven’t played enough.  I get a little stressed out, so I only play a bit at a time.

Survival Score: Fun, in short bursts

Developer: Mad Puppet

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