HawaiiDrop HD

hawaiidropSometimes, I don’t download updates to the games I’ve already purchased.  Why? Because developers add advertisements, or in-app purchases, or whatever.  But I would download an update to HawaiiDrop in an instant.  Once I got the hang of it, I found I really enjoy it.  What’s the problem? Crashes after the first few levels. So, if it worked, this would be a 5 star game.  The game board is a grid, around 8×8 or so.  Various squares have puddles of water in them.  Some puddles are bigger than others. You flick a puddle across the board, and if it hits another puddle, the two puddles will join.  If the puddle gets to big (more than 5 drops), it will burst, sending 4 drops of water outward, one in each direction.  Do it right and you start a chain reaction, the drops of water hit a large puddle, which then bursts, and so on and so on. What happened to that last drop of water, you ask?  It goes into your “pool” (get it?  I made that up)  of drops that you can use when you get stuck. Just tap on a puddle to add a drop. Each flick also costs a drop of water, so there is some strategy involved.  Level is won when you clear the puddles, or lost when you use up your pool of extra drops.  This game is no longer available, but a version of it named “Drop Joy” is still available for the iPhone

Survival Score:  It self destructed, wish it would have lasted longer.


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