Control Craft and Control Craft 2

controlcraftMy son tells me games like Control Craft are called “real time strategy’ games. I’m not quite sure what that means, but strategy is definitely at the core of what I like Control Craft.  It’s basically you against 1 or 2 computer opponents. You each have 1 or 2 outposts.  These outposts create — “spawn” — soldiers and hold onto them until your dispatch them to another outpost (either all of once or half of them) to capture it. Then those captured outposts make even more soldiers.  Eventually, you have to battle the enemy over an outpost, taking it over with the sheer number of soldiers you throw at it. You win the round when you have captured all of the outposts (or, you lose the level when you have no outposts left).  The pacing is a little slow, plodding even…must be all the equipment the soldier have to carry.  There is nice variety — soldiers can fly from some outposts, and some create double sized super-soldiers.  There are defensive towers that zap you until you capture them, and some outposts create soldiers faster than others do.  Gameplay is the same in both the original and the sequel.  HOWEVER, the first I rate 5 starts and the second only 4, because there are levels in the second that I found impossible to even come close to winning…the strategy there, I think, is that the game developers want to capture your money…you need to put down real cash to purchase special weapons.  A buck for 1 measly bomb? Well, forget that. I just won’t play those last 3 levels!

Survival score:  Played all the way through, several hours.

Developer: Elite Games Ltd.


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