Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull HD

13th_skullThough PC gamers might be jaded to this, I thought it was so cool that this game had actors portray characters….10 or so… And deliver answers to a bunch of questions. This in addition to the typical hidden object elements…a diary, a set of clues, mini puzzles, etc. Also a plus is that the hint system is not cheesy. The story is also really good, with an ending I did not expect at all. You are called to investigate a disappearance in a small town in the bayou, an old pirate legend is involved, the requisite voodoo, and other southern stereotypes. The puzzles are plentiful, and often very clever, instead of the same old variations on the same old themes. A downside is that you can’t choose to get the info in text form, and if you miss what one of the characters says, you can’t get them to repeat it. So, make sure your husband doesn’t start talking to you during a video clip, and that you have your earphones in if you want to play the game in bed when your husband wants to sleep.

Oh, and when you think the game is over, it isn’t! There is at least 1 additional hour to play. I will say nothing more!

Survival score: Straight through, a few long nights.

Developer: Big Fish Games


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