Island Tribe HD

I island_tribeam a sucker for time management games, and there are a bunch that use the same basic theme — you have a worker, and then have to gather resources, construct buildings, wars off baddies, etc. Island Tribe has a couple of interesting twists on the genre — the most obvious one is that (starting after a few beginning levels) most of the playing field is obstructed at the start of the round by “fog”. The fog clears as you explore the level. Another interesting twist is that some resources can only be made if you have enough of another resource… Like, to make wool, you need to give the rancher bags of grain. But to get grain, you need to give the farmer buckets of water. About 30 levels overall, lasted me on a long flight, and several long lines at Walt Disney World.

Survival score: Played straight through, 12-15 hours.

Developer: Realore


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