Word Triangle

When I was little, we would buy puzzle magazines–the ones from Penny Press, the big “Variety Packs”. And then I went to college, and I continued buying them. But not any more, since I can get so many of the pencil-and-paper puzzles as an iPad game.  Word Triangle is one of those — 7 words, starting with 1 letter going up to 7, each word using the letters of the one before it +1.  And a clue for each of the words.  Great and simple classic puzzle.  Word Triangle, though, just doesn’t have what it needs to pull it off. The interface is clunky (e.g., the keyboard is not QWERTY), the dictionary is just OK, and the clues –in the same puzzle — swing from way too easy to way not. I will keep looking.

Survival Score: Trudged through 7 puzzles. Then deleted.

Developer: Tanu Kush

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