Amazing Breaker HD

There are many, many levels of this game.  I stopped playing after several dozen.  I was going to stop earlier, except that the best part of each level is the very beginning, when you get get to see what the image will be for that level. The images are incredible — clever, imaginative, beautifully illustrated. The idea is that they are made out of ice (or glass, I suppose), and you fling different things at them, which then explode, destroying part of the image.  The object of the game is to blow up the entire image.  You can play each level over as many times as you need too — I got most of the levels on one try (the apple was a real trick, though).  The levels are actually pretty easy overall, and it’s a non-violent target game, which makes it great for kids.

Survival score: A very pleasurable couple of hours.

Developer: Dekovir, Inc.


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