Jibber Jabber

This is like mastermind, but with words.  You know, that game where you have to guess which 5 color pegs go in which order.  Here you are given a couple letters of a word, and you have to guess what the word is.  The game tells you if you have a letter correct, and whether it is in the correct place or not.  You only get a certain number of guesses, and a certain amount of time. I like the words in the dictionary, and when I get a word right, I like getting the reward — a compliment, such as “You’re Awesome!”  Who doesn’t like that?  It’s fast paced,  and automatically loads you to a new word.

Survival Score: Permanent spot, 30-45 min game play per session



One comment

  1. MJ

    This game was a huge hit with the teens during Thanksgiving holiday. Actually kept them busy for several hours.

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