Bebbled and Clickomania

Bebbled and Clickomania are variations of the bubble or balloon popping game that I first played on the Pogo website about 10 years ago (remember its slogan? I think it was “Games for Women” or something similarly awkward). Anyway, the game starts with a board full of circle-ish objects in 3-5 colors arranged in columns (i.e., there is gravity) and when you touch any of the shapes, it and all of the objects of the same color that touch it disappear. The ones above drop down. If a column is cleared, the columns move together to fill the empty space. The object is to completely clear the board.

I generally like these games for casual play, and I can play a long session because the balance between strategy and chance is pretty good. Bebbled adds two twists — you get only a certain number of moves to clear the board and (and this is pretty cool) you can turn the field upside down and reverse gravity. Clickomania also has a twist — you can choose the number of balls on the board (a little to a lot) and you can change the number of colors. Either game is worth picking up for a play.

Survival score: A long casual session, once in a while

Developer: Discussion Works (Bebbled), R2 Soft (Clickomania)


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