Art of Pinball – The Mummy

I grew up on pinball. First played standing on a chair in front of my dad, while he “helped” push the flippers. So I try out nearly every pinball app available. The games (“tables”, more accurately!) in the Art of Pinball series claim to be retro 70s, which means no ramps, bunches of banks of targets to light up, a few bumpers, and only a modest incline on the table. I think this game gets that right. And the polish on the ball means you can see the English on it, i.e., you can see it’s spin. That’s kinda cool.

What brings the game down is the physics of the ball and the kickers. Too often, the ball behaves more like rubber than like steel. And there are certain kickers that shoot the ball back at way too fast a speed. The joy of pinball is getting into that zone, being one with the table, anticipating every move the ball is going to make. So, if an app messes up that timing, it is a serious flaw.

Lots of in-app options for those who like tricking out their table with different flippers, and balls, and stuff. The basic game is fully functional and worth a look.

Survival score: A few games every so often.

Developer: ASK Homework


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