I can’t help myself when it comes to Boggle-type games. When they are against the computer, I have to delete the game, after about a week because I play them endlessly, like I’m addicted to them. In fact, it’s exactly like an addiction. Scramble I haven’t had to delete because i can’t play endlessly for hours on end. It’s like having a friend say “you’ve had enough, give me your keys, you’re not driving.”

This Zynga game sets you up with 3-round matches against real people (or amazingly life-like bots), or your own friends from facebook. But each game costs a token. You can use different power-ups (my favorites are freeze for extra time and vision that suggests additional words), and these too cost tokens. The tokens accumulate over time, but you can only have a certain maximum number, and when they are gone you have to wait for them to accumulate again. Well, you could buy more, but I’m not THAT much of an addict. I bought the paid version, which allows a higher maximum and which accumulates tokens more quickly. There is also a limit to how many 3-round matches you can have going at once (somewhere around 20 or so). And you have to wait for the other person to take their turn before it comes back to you. So, all of those things make this a much safer game for me!

Zynga keeps track of my scores and offers to find a random opponent who generally scores in your same range. I’ve found this to be generally satisfying, with some opponents a little better than me, and some a little worse. And more than a few where we are evenly matched. There are a couple of mismatches, but I usually resign those after the first round.

The dictionary is pretty good. The interface is not built for iPad, but it’s ok. And the letters have different points like in Scrabble, which adds a layer of strategy. Survival score: Immortal


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