As I’m playing this game, my husband leans over and after a few seconds says “sometimes you play the most beautiful games.” And Glowfish is beautiful. After playing the free version, where you get a couple of levels to try out, I put it on my wish list and snagged it when it was on sale. You control a fishy-swimmy-thingy that swims–glides, really–through all sorts of underwater caverns defeating baddies and picking up little wayward tadpole-ish friends that got lost from their homes. The artwork is gorgeous, the game play is fluid, and there are enough save points that if you want to stop during a level, you can. You can replay a level pretty easily, and the game tells you at the end of each level how many friends, coins, and secret areas you found (and didn’t find), so you can decide if you want to try again. Survival score: Countless hours, some levels replayed.


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