DropZap (and DropZap 2)

Drop Zap and its sibling Drop Zap 2 are gems. A simple game — board set up resembling Tetris. Same challenge…each time something drops, the board raises one higher. Objective is to clear the board. Except instead fitting shapes together, the shapes are the same (circles, or cubes), but from small to large. I play with circles, so each time a circle drops, a beam goes vertically and horizontally. Every other shape in the path of the beam shrinks by one size. (Hence, the “zap” in Drop Zap.) If a circle was at its smallest size, it disappears, and the column drops to fill in the space. That triggers another set of beams, and if you get a good arrangement, you can build amazing cascades.

Drop Zap 2 adds reflectors to the mix. The reflectors come up from the bottom at random. They, too shrink when hit with a beam, but they will also redirect it. So it’s possible to get multiple beams going at once, shrinking many columns or rows all at the same time.

I love this game because of the strategy…you have to think a few moves ahead if you want to set up cascades (which get more points). But there’s risk involved, too, if you get too many huge circles. And watching the zaps is mesmerizing…something graceful, colorful, geometric. Love it.

I don’t play it constantly, like some other games such as Scramble, but it is always new and fresh when I pick it up after a long hiatus. Survival score: 30-60 minutes per session; permanent place on my iPad.


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