Collision Effect

Collision Effect is a game I should delete from my iPad, but I can never bring myself to do it. Simple idea– colored balls appear on the screen. Touch one of them to make the other ones zoom to it, smashing together and disappearing. If different colors collide, though, that’s bad and you lose the game or use up a life or whatever.

There is a puzzle mode, where the balls are prearranged in different configurations. With the umpteen puzzle games I have, I’m just not that interested in this mode. Then there are two arcade modes, the only difference I can tell between them is that in one of them any mistake means game over. In the other, you can make limited mistakes.

These games usually stress me out, and I usually don’t even download them. But this one is SO DAMN PRETTY. The developers include nice touches, like a viscous environment, sparkles on collision, making each circle glow inside. Nice colors, responsive gameplay, simple controls. I just feel guilty thinking about deleting it! And the visual appeal is great enough that it gets me to click on the “replay” option once I crash and burn at a relatively low stage.

Survival score: 30 or so minutes each session, maybe once every couple of months, can’t bring myself to give it the boot.


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