700 Solitaire Games for iPad (aka Solitaire Pro)

700 Solitaire Games for iPadI would play solitaire for hours when I was growing up–the kind that uses real playing cards. I knew about a dozen different variations. We didn’t have umpteen different after-school activities and on the weekend our 4 channels of TV seemed to all play golf. So it was always good to have ways to pass the time. This game doesn’t have a pretty interface, but it does have lots of different types of solitaire. They are categorized by difficulty of winning, by luck v. skill, and –this is cool– by how long it takes to play a game. I played a variation that was difficult to win, all luck, and 2 minutes a game. It was great! In solitaire, sometimes whether you win is beside the point — the fun is in the luck of the draw.


By MobArts


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