Bug Heroes Quest

Bug Heroes QuestMost battle type games are not for me. I don’t really want to go on quests and fight monsters, or enemy spies or whatever. But there is something about being first a spider fighting in the garage, then a beetle in the backyard, then an ant in the kitchen (that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far). You are given a simple “quest” like finding a key, or freeing other bugs, or staying alive. After a while of fighting, you level up to get more speed or strength or whatever. What works for me is that (a) it’s got personality (both the characters and the environment), (b) it’s not people, (c) when you die, you start again with all your stuff you’ve already earned, and (d) it’s SLOW! I love it. You move slowly. The enemies move pretty slowly. You can put the weapons on “auto-aim” so you just tap the attack “button” to fight. No big adrenaline rush. Lots of time to decide what to do. Many hours of play time.

By Forsaken


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