Anodia is a brick buster game I actually like. Most are all about reflexes and speeding pellets. Too frantic and, frankly boring. Anodia has some of that…it is in the genre, after all. But from the start, it’s clear that this is no ordinary brick buster. In the first level, you knock hanging lamps swing on ropes. Second level is light bulbs rotating in a circle. The levels are incredibly clever and beautifully drawn. There are also ample power ups and dropping goodies to do the usual things like slow down time or lengthen the paddle. Also ones to avoid like freezing the paddle or making the ball tiny. I played this in one sitting, because I each level was unique, interesting, and a delight to play. I got over 100 levels for free, with more packs available for purchase.


By Clueless Little Muffin


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