jAggy Race

jAggy RaceIn most driving games, you’re supposed to dodge stuff, and maybe (like in Mario Kart) take flying leaps off ramps and try to avoid wiping out on a turn. But what if you could jump any time you wanted? What if gravity was a nuisance rather than a requirement and you could drive upside down? Jaggy Race is a 2 dimensional track racer (kind of more like 2.5 because the camera swerves around a bit) that is smooth, responsive, with good controls, and clever tracks. The tracks are actually puzzle-like levels, so you can just try finish or you can try for a gold trophy. No nonsense car and driver, and I like that the driver wears a helmet! Very good tutorial, and a lite version is available to give it a try (which is why I did). The artwork is nearly console quality and the gameplay reminds me of another favorite, Kona’s Crate.

By Seven Only


One comment

  1. MJ

    Unfortunately, this isn’t available anymore. Reborn as AeroDrift. Lots still the same. though.

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