Word Hunter HD

I love word searches…in printed word search books. Hard to find good ones on the iPad, because there is an art to making a good word search. You can’t just throw one together. You have to choose words with a theme, and then you have to lay tricky traps like having almost-but-not-quite letter patterns placed strategically to throw you off the scent of the word. Ahhh. Nothing like it. Word hunter does reasonably well at this, with several different sized boards an added bonus, including a respectable large board. I was all set to give it 4 stars. BUT THEN…I played the challenge mode. WOW. Timed rounds where the board gets progressively harder and the words progressively more obscure. Reminded me of she I was young -my sister and I would play the same word search at the same time, racing to find each word before the other and crossing it off. Exhilarating.


By MD Creativity


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